What We Do

Whatever it takes to...

Our motto means more to us than a PR saying for a logo. It's how we do business, so our clients know we've got their backs at every step of the way. Their goals are our goals, and we meet where execution and vision are never secondary.

  • Promote a Brand

    It’s taken time and dedication from your team to develop the right messaging and establish your ethos. No matter the project size or scale, we'll help you tell your story your way.
    Appfolio trade show booth exhibit
  • Engage an Audience

    While the attention is on you, we’ll make sure it stays there. From custom gamification to interactive experiences, our team will ensure that attendees won’t stop raving about your event.
    People standing in front of a Highmark LED wall that's displaying a game
  • Inspire a Team

    We won't let it be just "another meeting that could've been an email." With Stamm, you’ll get the best production value and wow-factor for your general sessions, breakout rooms, or annual corporate meetings.

  • Launch a New Product

    Introduce your innovation the right way, whether that’s through video production with a hype reel or a grand trade show floor unveiling. All those strategic development hours will pay off when we help you produce how customers get their first look at a new product.
    Motorola display for a corporate event

Stamm Stats

  • 676

    Average number of flights our team takes in a year

  • 284' x 8'

    LED Ribbon at our largest booth to date

  • 120

    Miles of ethernet cable laid at events last year

a proven process

Stamm Studies

The chameleon effect


Automation Fair @ Marriott Marquis

Houston, Texas  


Optimizing technology to deliver client messaging across multiple brands customized to each session and speaker, engaging both in-person and virtual audiences. 

  • 2 Curved LED Pillars enhancing session topics
  • Custom 7’ Backlit Sign for interchangeable branding
  • Unique Lighting, Audio, and Video Design catered to each segment
  • Utilizing two-way communication to in-person and virtual presenters, broadcasting across multiple platforms


Help us, help you. Photos and stats are great visual aids, but real conversation is at the heart of what we do. Whether it's a phone call, video chat, or coffee in person, we want to know your event goals.

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