As I was looking over the stories from the past few weeks, it was hard to ignore the biggest event news in our industry - the blackout at CES. It was a giant technical headache in the middle of one of the biggest tech shows of the year, but don't worry because people still found a way to have some fun with it. 

With that in mind, we'll start with CES!

CES 2018 Highlights

PC Mag has a great recap of the new tech and product announcements from January's big show. They do you the favor of breaking it down in to categories so you get a good feel of everything the show had to offer. Some personal favorites of ours are the LG Rollable OLED (still a concept, but so cool!) and The Wall by Samsung - it uses MicroLEDs! 

We were also proud to be a part of CES 2018 with Derse as we supplied Shure with an interactive product table for their booth. The table had several different Shure items on it and as attendees picked up a product, a designated video for that product would play via sensors under the table. The table, booth, and products themselves proved to be quite the hit as several publications including PC Mag and Soundguys noted. 

Augmented reality looks to continue building into a force with a video from StubHub showcasing its capabilities during the Super Bowl. Users can preview their entire day from parking to pregame to the game itself. It's hard not to imagine this becoming the norm for events in the near future. Tech Times has the exclusive here. 

We don't just cover new tech and product launches here. Sometimes it helps to refresh your approach in the event technology world. Sparks has a fantastic write up about tying your story to your event and having that be the driving force behind it. It's a really great reminder of how successful events are thought out.  For us at Stamm Media, we don't want to just give you the coolest technology to get your message out; we want the equipment and services to be built around your message - not the other way around. 

That will do it for Tech Trends #9! As always give us a follow on Twitter to stay up to date on all the latest and the occasional dog in the office picture!