Welcome back to Tech Trends! We don't know about you, but life around here is starting to get a bit busier as trade show season picks up. Don't worry, we'll continue to keep you update on some cool industry news that may have flown under the radar in the shadow of some other announcements the past few weeks (*cough* Samsung and Apple *cough*). 

Another reminder to follow us on Twitter, where you can see cool stuff like this daily. This Coke sign in Times Square is incredibly unique. Check it out!

Unveiled last month at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo inside The Dubai Mall, Dataton is driving a new curved video wall that is 700 square meters that has 1.7 billion pixels across 820 OLED displays! Just incredible. Dataton has more details here

Side note: how about Dubai putting an aquarium inside a mall? I am ALL IN on that idea. Want to save malls, America? Give me an underwater zoo. 



This industry moves pretty fast and sometimes it's easy to get lost in the jargon. The crew over at BizBash were kind enough to put together a small list to keep everyone up to date (well up to date as of 3 weeks ago). Check out their list here and feel confident throwing around buzzwords!


I know I promised not to talk about the iPhone in the excerpt, but it's a bit hard to ignore. At the Apple event last week, they made it clear augmented reality is one of their main focuses. After releasing the AR kit to developers in June, there are already a slew of AR apps ready to go with the release of the iPhone 8, 8S, and X, but will work with some older models as well. AppleInsider has it covered here. 

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