The dog days of summer are officially here. Even though July and August are considered the 'slow season' in the event industry, there's still plenty to catch up on! To start you off, how about checking out some incredible projection mapping last month in Spain?

Nimlok was kind enough to put together this list of 10 apps to help out event marketers. Even if you're not an event marketer, however, you could learn about emerging apps that you otherwise would not have thought of! To read more, click here

EventBot Named Most Innovative

EventBot, a creation of Sciensio, is a text message based service that uses artificial intelligence as a way to help attendees with frequently asked questions about an event. The software can be updated in real time to address situations as they arise. We don't think this is Skynet just yet, but we'll keep an eye on it - just in case. BizBash has more here. 

Disney Fixes AR's Biggest Issue

Augmented reality's biggest issue remains perspective. In the video above, they explain how the RGB camera and depth sensor cannot occupy the same physical space. This creates gaps (called depth shadows) in the experience and until now has remained a real obstacle. Disney has created a work-around that fixes that issue with their Magic Bench. Wired describes it here. 

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