Welcome back to your favorite tech article brief! Admittedly, I have missed the past two months, but with an adequate excuse - Stamm Media has a new home! It took a while for us to get settled into our beautiful new home, but now I'm back in the swing of things.

I know I made you wait so to make it up to you, here's a really cool AR menu concept:

Sticking with augmented reality for a bit, researchers from Future Interfaces Group have developed desktop AR called Desktopography. Using a projector and depth sensors, this could change your workspace potential drastically! Technology Review has more here



Sparks put together a handy little list of how to maximize the effect of wearables at your next event. Considering the growing influence of wearables in the industry, correct implementation is key. Read more here. 


Via our friends at Dataton, Epson Projectors and Dataton are joining forces for the Latin American Mapping Challenge. This contest will be done on a massive scale and include projecting onto eight landmark buildings. The challenge runs from next month until March 2018. Good luck!

That's the quick rundown for July. These will continue more consistently moving forward! As always, for more information follow @stammmedia on Twitter for a ton of more tech news and various ridiculous gifs.