Hello everyone!

Moving forward with our new site was the first step, but now we're going to start collecting articles and information about the AV, tech, and IT industries and post it right here. All of us here at Stamm Media are constantly reading about the newest trends and news updates so this seems like the easiest way to aggregate that. Hope you enjoy!

Sony Unveils 'Beyond Definition'

At ISE 2017, Sony presented CLEDIS, which has an incredible 8K x 2K visual display! The plan is to have this revolutionary display available for a variety of uses including corporate events. To read more, click here

Forced Perspective Content

Also at ISE, Daktronics showed off their forced perspective content for multi-display presentation. In their video above, you can see how the content looks great even when the viewer is in a traditionally tough viewing spot. 

Magic Leap CEO Speaks Out

No tech start up has more hype or secrecy as Magic Leap. With investors such as Google and Alibaba, the company aims to change the landscape of VR/AR by overlapping 3D animations onto the real world. After a photo leak, the CEO turned to Twitter to clarify what viewers were looking at as normal room scanning software. To read more, click here.