All of us at Stamm Media hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday, but now is a good time to catch up on some news you may have missed. 

This first post may seem a bit self serving, and that's because it is. 

The 2017 Experience Design & Technology Winners


We're very excited to announce that we won Gold in the Best Trade Show Exhibit (50' x 50' and up) category presented annually by the editors of Event Marketer. Along with our partners at Elite Exhibits and Fine Design Associates, we won for our technical design of GE Healthcare's booth at RSNA. To see the list of other winners, click here

Piccadilly Lights Revamps LED Wall

Following a nine month renovation, Landsec, the owner of Piccadilly Lights, debuted a new 4k LED digital screen. The renovation also includes a live digital hub which allows for real time reaction to weather and other external factors. AV Magazine has covered more here

2017's Big Technology Trends


We're equal opportunity trend seekers, and CommsTrader has a great list here. As we get closer to the end of the year, we thought it'd be great to feature someone else's point of view. Additionally we're looking forward to articles next month focusing on the 2018 predictions. To check out their full list, head over to CommsTrader by clicking here. 

Finally, we'll leave you with a gif of a virtual shark tank display. As always, give us a follow on twitter to see more news (and gifs!) everyday.