October is here and that means event season is fully kicked off. You're probably very busy. I can understand that. So why not let me read the internet for hours and pick a few stories to help you catch up? I think it's a good idea. You save some time and I endlessly consume content. 

360 Video Changing Experiential Marketing

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 11.14.23 AM.png

UploadVR has a great write up about how 360 video and virtual reality technology is finally creating that immersive connection that brands and marketers have been looking for. Let's all try to forget that QR codes were a thing, ok? 

Altia Systems Launches HDR to 180 Panoramic 4K Camera


We've had our eye on Altia Systems for a while now, but this news was pretty incredible. The new technology runs within the Panacast 2 camera with the added features of improving video quality and lighting conditions automatically and in real time. Rave Publications has the article here. 

Live Events Use FOMO As The Hook


With seemingly endless entertainment options at home, it can be difficult for event organizers to rely on the same attendance-gathering tactics as years before. They have figured out that people, however, still hate the fear of missing out (FOMO) on one-time live events. That feeling can break potential attendees from their malaise and drive people, and more importantly, attention to events. Head to BizBash to read more!

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